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AegisFS Secure Key 3z

Utilizes Military Grade 256-bit AES XTS Hardware Encryption Merging Advanced Data Protection, Affordability, and Mass Configurability

Easy to use FIPS 140-2 Level 3 (pending) USB 3.0 flash drive with on-the-fly AES hardware encryption and secure PIN access. With software-free operation, cross-platform compatibility,  Aegis Configurator compatibility, and our most advanced security feature set, Apricorn’s Aegis Secure Key 3z takes advanced data security to a new level of efficiency and affordability.

AEGIS photos Keep Key

The Secure Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Our Bitcoin Wallet is a hardware wallet that secures bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, and namecoin. Your assets are protected from hackers and thieves.

This Bitcoin Wallet works with the wallet software on your computer by taking over the management of private key generation, private key storage, and transaction signing.


Custom Card 1

AegisFS Turn-key, Custom Cards

AegisFS provides turn-key, custom Cards used for:
• Parking
• Transportation
• Secure Access Facilities
• Payroll, ID, Access
• Benefits or Health Savings Accounts
• Custom Insurance Card w/money loaded or nonmonetary
• Business
• Retailers: Refund, exchange, Store Credit and Gift/Rewards



AEGIS Kiosk Test 3

AegisFS Business & Banking Kiosks

Providing the same services as branches with less risk
The AegisFS Business & Banking Kiosk:
• ATM functionality in all FOREX
• DebitCard Issuer, personalized with photo
• Remittance Center: bill payment, send/receive money electronically
• Bitcoin ready and Digital user friendly
• Card2Card Transfers, Gift Card, Refund or Reward Cards
• Card Buy-back, cashout before the card expires
• Letter of Credit-Prepaid DebitCard
More custom uses as requested



CardExchange Visitor Software

Let AegisFS provide your Company with the CardExchange Visitor Software; you'll have the power to easily register, monitor, and manage all of the visitors to your facility! It's available in three scalable editions -- Enter, Standard, and Business -- and can be used in either a single or multi-user environment.
• Limitless record creation
• Pre-registration
• Return visitor look-up and data access
• Built-in image capture support
• Badge template library
• Versatile design tools
• And much more!
AEGIS Hand w Proimity control

SecureProx Corporate ID Badge & Security Access Control

AegisFS provides our customers a cost-efficient way to integrate proximity access control. SecurProx proximity cards are ideal for printing professional-grade credentials. These universally-compatible, durable cards combine photo ID with access control. Equivalent to other 1336, 1386, 1536, and 1586 prox cards.
• 26-bit format 125kHz prox
• ISO 7810 compliant
• CR80 30 Mil (credit card size)
• PVC or PVC-PET construction
• Prox card reader compatible
• Magnetic stripe card configuration
• Programmed in-house for fast shipping
ID Badge Holder

ID Badge Holders, Protectors & Bands

AegisFS sells a wide array of ID Badge Holders, Protectors and Bands.
Display your ID Badge prominently and add one of our Lanyards or Drawstring extenders. We have your ID Badge items.


Badge Holder Hangar

ID Badge, Holders & Hangers

AegisFS provides complete ID Badge, Holders and Hangers.
If you do not see it here, give us a call and ask our Products Representative about all of the AegisFS items.



Visitor Card Holder

Visitor, Employee & Temp Help Badges

AegisFS provides turn-key Visitor, Employee and Temp Help Badges. Your Corporate Logo is prominently displayed along with photo of person and any encoded data onto the card such as: Start Date, Review date, Expiration Date, Department or Divisions and other custom copy desired.


Temp Badge ID Software

TEMPbadge Visitor Management Software

The TEMPbadge Visitor Management Software allows you to pull records from your system into easy to digest reports. You choose the start & end date of the report, and then decide whether you want the report to be on the total number of visitors, number of people by pass type or number of visitors to a specific destination. Reports can be printed or downloaded in a wide variety of document formats.
The TEMPbadge 06196 Visitor Management System is ideal for:
• Healthcare Facilities
• Universities
• Corporations
Any facility with visitors
Time Centric ID

TimeCentric ID System

AegisFS TimeCentric ID System provides the TechnoSavvy way to control your Employee Time, Productivity and Location inside your secure access facility. Ask your AegisFS representative for details.
AEGIS Fargo ID Card Printer

Turnkey Corporate Single-Sided ID System

This easy to use system helps organize staff, employees, visitors and address secure door access. Great for payroll and or validate parking.
This system uses dye-sublimation printing for vivid color and accurate images and thermal transfer or resin thermal transfer for sharp black text and barcodes. The Printer features a built-in erase and rewrite function, ideal for temporary ID cards such as visitor badges. Let AegisFS help secure and organize your company, business or government.
• Direct-to-card ID system ideal for low volume printing
• Best-in-class for speed, built-in erase/rewrite, inline card printing via one USB connection
• Options: extended warranty and loaner coverage plans
• 300 Ultracard PVC cards
• 1 - 3 pack of of cleaning rollers / 1-USB cable
• 3 year printer & printhead warranty
• Toll-free technical support


AEGIS Cyber Security TEST 3
Online Intelligence & Monitoring - Businesses • Financial • Personal
Call or Email to discuss your specific security needs:
• AegisFS Bank Consulting & Intelligence:
Aegis Professionals provide Bank Intelligence Services. You can order specific Bank Data or Industry wide information. Complete Bank Consulting for enhanced Income/Revenue Solutions. Learn more about turn-key systems to increase fee income and develop reoccurring fee income strategies.
Subscriptions: Individual Order or Monthly Subscription. Cancel at any time.
• AegisFS CyberEYES™:
Social Media Reconnaissance Subscription Services offer customized research. You can order disinformation, misinformation competitor campaign data collection. Monitor Risk, Reputation, Fake/False Stories, Intellectual Property Clone/Theft, Monitor Customers/Clients and create your case specific requirements. Subscriptions: Individual Mission Specific Monitor or Monthly Constant Vigilance. Cancel at any time.
• AegisFS CyberDeterrence™:
Go on the Offense or Defense of Cyber Intrusion, Penetration and Dark-Deep-Surface Web Targeting of your Company. CyberDeterrence™ is a compliment to CyberEYES™.
Subscriptions: Individual Mission Specific Monitor or Monthly Constant Vigilance. Cancel at any time.
• AegisFS Business Intelligence:
AegisFS Research Professionals provide Intelligence for Businesses world wide. We conduct deep intelligence of business, commerce, local street comment intelligence assisting the business professional with comprehensive data not found by other repositories. Mission specific data, bulk data collection and narrow-range request.
Subscriptions: Individual request or Monthly Subscription.
• AegisFS The KYCustomer Registry™:
For Professionals in Business and Banks required to conduct Know Your Customer. This also goes for Know Your Employee or Constituents. Understand more about your Client, Customer, Employee via our enhanced systems. Identity Intelligence (I2) provides corroboration of Identity. The Color of Money™ tools provide the professional with client/customer money stress testing procedures and protocols meeting Industry Standards for clean money. Understand how your Customer/Client Funds come to pay you by researching their income/cash-flows intake.
Subscriptions are Monthly based only.
• Business Diplomacy:
When normal business channels break down, Business Diplomacy and AegisFS Business Diplomats become invaluable Stewards creating a bridge for proper mutual resolution. Our Members are highly experienced business professionals. Adverse matters between Companies, in certain cases and are not legal matters rather, issues requiring third party conflict resolution. Prior to business litigation, if adverse civil matters arise and become challenging, contact us. We provide: Financial / Bank Consulting, Litigation Intelligence and Support, Opposition Intelligence and Case by Case Business Consulting Assistance. Services are quoted and commensurate with performance.
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