• The KYCustomer Registry™: Comprehensive Know Your Customer and Background Reviews
  • I2  Identity Intelligence providing Global Identity source data
  • The Street Business Intelligence™: Know what the buzz is on the street using boots on the ground Intelligence Analysts
  • Intelligence for Businesses  Case by Case Intelligence and Data Collection Services for the Professionals
  • Cyber Threat Consulting, Malware Review, Ransomware Claims, Cybersecurity Attacks and Employee Espionage Detection
  • Cybersecurity Server Review and external Stress Testing of Systems
  • Litigation Support, Adversary Intelligence, Evidence Review and Deposition Truth Detection
  • Law Firm and Law Enforcement Interaction. Indictment and LE Settlement and Whistleblower Consulting
  • Businesses, Retailers, Business Professional Intelligence Consulting
  • Emergency Rapid Response Ransomware Team. Hacked and shut down? Ransom Requested? Bitcoins? We can Help
  • Bitcoin Authentication, Blockchain Review and Digital Currency Conveyance Systems
  • Cyber Espionage Detection Services
  • Case by Case Individual issues
  • CyberEYES™ & CyberDeterrence™: We developed CyberEYES™ out of necessity for AegisFS operations. We now offer CyberEYES™ to our Clients.
Scanning and conducting Social Media Reconnaissance, we detect the following: Competitor Disinformation, Misinformation, Reputation harming false and fake media.
CyberEYES™ conducts Recon of the Dark Web, Deep Web and Surface Web for compromised, stolen, hacked data held for sale. Cyber Intrusions occur by the second. Are you prepared? Do you have a Security, Incident and Compliance Manual? Are you covered with Cyber Insurance? Errors & Omissions Insurance? Legal Defense Coverage?