5 - 16 - 17

A New Age for The Business Diplomat

New Age for the Business Diplomat Tactful Strategies fka Business Diplomacy has become more important during fragile times for Commerce.


5 - 9 - 17

Are you aware of what the Credit & Information Repositories say about you or your Company online?

Jim Angleton details how Wrongful Bank Reporting affects unsuspecting Consumers requiring deep remediation assistance.

5 - 8 - 17

Charter Impasse Between State and Federal Regulators Leaves Fintechs in the Dark

Dozens of fintech firms are delaying their applications for special-purpose banking charters from the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency after state officials filed a civil complaint seeking to block the federal regulator, say sources.


5 - 2 - 17

15 ways to make meetings more productive

Business and HR experts share their top tips on what managers can do to improve meeting attendance and make them more constructive.


4 - 24 - 17

Analysis of Bank Regulatory Violations & Consumer Complaints

We evaluated consumer complaints and regulatory violations to see how retail banks in the U.S. stack up.
Due to the nature of what they do, banks and financial institutions in the United States are held to high scrutiny. We analyzed data on tens of thousands of consumer complaints as well as settlements and financial penalties for America’s 50 largest retail banks by asset size.

4 - 24 - 17

Blockchain Tracker: Good For Governments?

There’s been chatter about 2017 being the year that blockchain sees the most government regulation.

“2017 is going to be the year when operationalizing of blockchain really starts to move from the hype and the headlines to a real business solution for early adopters in many industries,” said Laura Crozier, global industry director at Software AG, an end-to-end digital business platform.
And at the same time, experts say this could be the year for blockchain to be adopted into government activities to benefit taxpayers, voters, and other aspects and levels of the entire U.S. government structure.


4 - 24 - 17

Why Cybersecurity Should Be Your No 1 Priority

Experts comments on the greatest threats to your online privacy and cyber security today, and how to defend yourself for the future.


4 - 24 - 17

Stop. Drop. And Read This Before Becoming a Co-signer.

The pitfalls are many. The pain could last for years. But if you insist, some tips for good outcome.

There are many reasons to consider cosigning a loan.
Know what you're signing up for.


3 - 30 - 17

How to Keep Restaurant Customers From Leaving When There’s a Line

A line creates good buzz but can also turn potential guests away.

Good things come to those who wait. Unfortunately, many restaurant patrons aren’t willing to. Lines at your restaurant can mean business is booming, which shows passers-by that your place is popular.
How can you keep customers from leaving to go somewhere else?