May 12, 2012

How to Find and Do Business With International Suppliers

From finding an international supplier to using the right insurance and securing overseas payments, we look at how to conduct business with international suppliers for B2B transactions.
Securing a manufacturer to produce unique items or finding a trustworthy supplier to purchase large quantities of general products for your online store is a big challenge for a small business.
"When you're a small business person, remember that each deal could be your first or last, depending on how you conduct business," said global trade expert, Jim Angleton, president of Aegis.

May 9, 2012

Survey Says Americans Use Less Cash Today Than 10 Years Ago.

Check out this group posting from Mitchell Rossetti:MasterCard has released the results of their "World Beyond Cash" survey that asks Americans for their opinion about the shift from cash to various forms of electronic payments. "Commerce has changed dramatically over the past.

May 1, 2012

Aegis Issued Warning: To our valued customers, please exercise caution at ATMs.

April 10, 2012 - CNN Money

Aegis announces new program products and business development
Aegis President Jim Angleton updated the BoD by announcing new program products and new business development. Aegis has provided a License to The Cash Card, LLC which has launched its Domestic Corporate Payroll Debit Cards. Cash Card has recently announced new Auto Dealership Gift & Reward Cards and will represent 90 Florida New Cars Branded Dealerships. Over one million cards will be issued through branded dealers to the client list.
President Angleton acknowledged interviews on: CNNMoney, Reuters, Associated Press and recently;, and
Aegis Global Cards will represent the Latin America Region with our Flex$pend brands. In Europe, Aegis will issue €uroSpend(tm) International Payroll, Travel and Expenditure Prepaid Debit Cards featuring MasterCard brand. Aegis now covers Twitter and can be followed at; AegisFS.
March 27, 2012 - CNN Money


March 20, 2012 - Associated Press

Aegis FinServ Corp. of Miami Florida announces their new Corporate Prepaid Debit Card cheaper than retailers
and offers loads up to $100,000. US

Aegis FinServ Corp. announces the newest way Corporations pay their Employees. The new Flex$pend Corporate Payroll, Travel and Expenditure Prepaid Debit Card is ideal for small to large businesses issue payroll safer than handling cash.?Partnering with MasterCard and Choice Bank, Aegis issues corporate cards used in payroll or travel and can handle high loads up to $100,000. availability daily. The best feature is, the company receives monthly remuneration from Aegis based on the spending habits and uses of the cobranded card.?Aegis President, Jim Angleton is quoted; “We listened to our Corporate Clients and understood their requirements, from that point we went to work developing the quintesential card”. Aegis is proud to collaborate with their partners to deliver a safe and sound cash conveyance card for employees and business constituents. Beyond earning points, the Aegis Corporate Client actually sees money back by the 3rd day of the new month. According to President Angleton; ” It’s all about incremental income and Corporations of today are looking to save money, enters the Aegis Flex$pend Card and in most cases, the fee remuneration pays for an employees salary”. Even the unbanked will enjoy the ease of use, low-low costs associated with card use and everywhere a Point of Sale (POS) Terminal is…you have access to your funds. Aegis even offeres a Charge Card for individuals have impaired credit scores. Aegis Charge Card actually helps you develop higher FICO and Credit Scores.?The Aegis Card Programs are wonderful for; Fund Raisers (not for Profits love these new avenues to raising money for their associations) Corporate Gift Cards, Rewards Cards, Student Cards, Chambers of Commerces, Fleet Fuel Cards, Payroll, Travel & Expenditure Cards and Government refund cards.

February 3, 2012 - FIU  Center for Leadership hosts Miami Leadership Summit

January 15, 2012
  - AEGIS President and CEO Jim Angleton asked to join select Community Leaders Forum.

FIU holds growth forum closed to press — and politicians

Florida International University is holding a forum for 70 community leaders on Tuesday to discuss the future of growth and development in Miami, under the guidance of two Harvard professors. But the public and the press can’t attend.

The event is by invitation only, the public university says. Politicians have been excluded as well, save for a brief welcome by Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, who won’t be present for the actual forum, said Myra Beers, director of operations at the Leadership Center at FIU’s business school, which organized the event.

“We wanted to create a low-risk forum — no press, no politicians — so the conversation will be as open and free-flowing as possible,” Beers said.


The center is the brainchild of retired FIU president Modesto “Mitch” Maidique, who is also its executive director.

The leadership center’s website, which touts its program of lectures and events, carries no mention of the forum.

The center will issue “bullet points” and a brief report on attendees’ recommendations, Beers said.

Reporters are also welcome to interview participants as they eat lunch afterward.


December 28th, 2011 - AEGIS is pleased to become a Global Member of the Smart Pay Association Headquartered in Paris, France. AEGIS has been been invited to join this prestigious Trade Association. AEGIS President Jim Angleton was quoted: "The Association is a Trade Membership that fosters new development and services which will enhance how we conduct global business now and in the future. We are delighted as a group to be affiliated and pledge to support the initiatives Smart Payment Association stands for.

December 24th, 2011 -

10 Reasons People Prefer Prepaid Debit Cards


Dec 14, 2011 — According to various studies and research reports, there are at least 30 million and potentially over 60 million consumers in the U.S. that are considered “un-banked” or “under-banked”. That is, these consumers do not have a substantial relationship with a traditional financial institution in the form of a checking or savings account. It probably comes as no surprise, given the state of our economy, that the number of these non-bank customers is estimated to be growing substantially. There are alternatives to traditional banking including – working for cash or using retail payday loan and check cashing centers to convert checks to cash. These can be very expensive and sometimes inconvenient, not to mention risky. Prepaid Debit Cards have become a preferred avenue for many of the un-banked, under-banked or even those that have a traditional bank relationship.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Safer than carrying cash – Obviously, it is more difficult for a mugger to spend on stolen plastic than the green stuff. Most cards also offer fraud protection.
  • Identity protection – Why risk other bank or credit card info should a card be lost or stolen? Just load enough on a prepaid card to use for a specific purpose.
  • Travel – The same risk issues above apply to a prepaid card specifically used for travel in case card is lost or stolen.
  • No credit check – Pre-loaded money on the card is already yours. There is no credit involved with a REACH Visa prepaid debit card.
  • Network brand recognition – Visa, Discover and American Express are recognized worldwide, as is the Western Union MoneyWise Prepaid MasterCard.
  • Teen financial education – With online account management and budgeting tutorials with teen specific cards like BillMyParents, your teen can learn financial management.
  • Bank distrust – Can you say, “Occupy Wall Street“?
  • Credit card issues – Some of us just cannot control our spending with an open credit line and get into trouble quickly. You can only use what you load with a prepaid card.
  • Religious – There are some faiths that restrict the accumulation of debt and interest by their congregations.
  • Better budgeting – With technological industry advances, prepaid customers can monitor their accounts online and get text/email alerts to control spending.

There could be other factors consumers consider when scanning resources for a prepaid card, these are some of the most common. Take some time and compare each card to find out which one is right for you.

November 28th, 2011 - AEGIS Finserv CYBER THREAT DIVISION has issued an advisory alert to all AEGIS Clients.

Advisory Covers: Internet Mail Users

Advisory Administrators: Microsoft and Norton

Email's Subject Line:  "Here you have it"

Advisory: DO NOT Open this email. Seconds after opening, your screen will go dark and access to all information contained


                 in your account information will be copied and compromised. Another message will include; "It's too late now, your life

                 is no longer beautiful...Hacker Identification-> Life Owner"

Verification: Microsoft, AOL, Norton. Net Verification: THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY SNOPES & Truth or Fiction.

September 16th, 2011 - AEGIS CEO Angleton's  predictions; for increased banking fee's, surcharges, minimum bank balances and basic checking account minimums are the result of  newly imposed financial regulations such as the new Dodd-Frank bill. All banks will be forced to change the way they conduct business, market bank accounts and services. Warning corporate clients that divisions in bankable -vs- unbanked will become the norm, AEGIS brand cards will continue to offer greater value. Citing minimum bank balances will leave many consumers without a home for their savings, AEGIS FinServ launches the FLEX$PEND prepaid debit card to fill the void. Angleton further comments; the big banks will only allow you to load up to $20,000. and obtain up to $500.00 a day in cash. The FLEX$PEND card will have higher maximum limits, up to $100,000.00 and up to $5,000.00 cash per day. We bring value to those that cannot have a proper bank account. AEGIS brand cards are also popular with company's interested in issuing payroll cards plus corporate travel and expense cards. The party is over (for banks) and the depositor will be subjected to higher fees and costs associated with their banking needs. Higher minimums, forcing a depositor to sign up for other bank services plus they offer you a reward card...which you ultimately paid for, just does not make sense. FLEX$PEND prepaid cards are PIN based offering greater security and freedom to transfer funds from card to card, cannot be over-drafted like a checking account and is accepted in more locations than a community bank.

August 19th, 2011 - AEGIS FinServ Corp., joins Miami’s Beacon Council as Trustee Member. Keeping the tradition of community involvement, AEGIS has joined the Beacon Council as a Trustee Member focusing upon raising funds for their Foundation. The Beacon Council is a quasi-government organization serving the Miami Dade Community by raising awareness of the diverse business community and acting as Ambassadors for New Corporation Relocation. CEO Jim Angleton has been a long standing supporter of the Council and involved in various committees.

July 13th, 2011 - AEGIS FinServ Corp. offshore unit Aegis FinServ Ltd., is pleased to announce the formation of an equity fund known as AFS-Fund One. The fund will utilize private corporate and trust funds seeking safe, high yield returns on U.S. assets marketed for sale by FDIC. In addition to acquiring FDIC pooled assets from failed banks, AFS-Fund One will provide bridge and gap financing for high value commercial income producing properties. We anticipate raising more than $50,000,000. for Fund One and foresee the creation of numerous funds given the appetite for higher yield returns and filling a void of conventional bank financing. We know the market very well and believe that higher returns are achievable by focusing on mispriced or matured financed income producing properties.  Our investors seek safe harbor investments in U.S. commercial real estate and believe over the coming years a return to stabilized values with upside is very attractive.”  Contact the company to learn more.

June 6th, 2011 - AEGIS FinServ Corp., Business Intelligence Division, announces  the newly formed Cyber Forensic Security Advisory Group. According to company officials; "The task force will forensically investigate Cyber breaches whereby internal/external embezzlement and the compromising of information data from Banks and Businesses have occurred". Emerging as the next generation threat to be experienced, AEGIS has decided to expand it's services sector by launching this new group.
  Task force members are retired Microsoft Certified engineers' plus Internet specialists having worked for government and large corporations.
  For more information on the capabilities of the AEGIS FinServ Corp. Business Intelligence Group, please contact the firm directly.

May 31st, 2011 - AEGIS announces service to Latin America by establishing AEGIS FinServ Ltd in Central America. We want to provide the best service to our corporate clients and customers. The decision to establish representation in Central America with Customer Care Call Center Service has proved to be the right choice. The multilingual call center will handle callers  questions 7/24/365.

May 17th, 2011 - AEGIS Chief of Development announces the new small to large corporate Rebate Card.
AEGIS "Development Chief Officer explained that this new closed loop card (not a reloadable debit card) replaces company rebate checks to customers of their brands. Over the year more that $160 million dollars worth of rebate checks to consumers were compromised. Therefore the need to continue rebates in a more secure fashion has turned corporate attention to our brand rebate card."
   AEGIS CEO was quoted as saying "big or small companies using our rebate card gives your company a safe way to  transmit rebates with a high degree of professionalism"
   Contact AEGIS for more information.

May 5th, 2011 - "New Litigation Support unit assisting those adverse to FDIC and Failed Bank"

Customers, Borrowers and Guarantors of failed banks that are dealing with the maze of regulation, policy and procedures can engage AEGIS representation. Attorneys contemplating legal representation adverse to conditions post failed bank takeovers can consult with AEGIS prior too or during litigation.

May 5th, 2011 - Neighborhood Lending Partners of South Florida, a 501C3 not for profit banking consortium, has confirmed that  AEGIS FinServ Corp's President and CEO, has been re-elected  Chairman of the Board. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, the consortium majority of Florida Bankers and Board of Directors voted  to retain The AEGIS CEO to this position. LP, as it is commonly referred, creates CRA qualified real estate loans. NLP President/CEO Debra Reyes announced at the meeting that the organization has created more than $450 million dollars in CRA (Community Reinvestment Agency) qualified real estate mortgages.The CEO's duties include; new bank membership, retention of membership, introduction of CRA qualified real estate mortgages, represent the organization and member banks within the South Florida Communities. NLP is one of the oldest institutions of it's kind representing Florida and boast more than 300 Bank members.

April 18th, 2011 - AEGIS
retained to negotiate $20M S. FL Hi rise Office building failed bank loan.

April 18th, 2011 - AEGIS engaged to represent and negotiate RV Park failed bank loan in Blue Ridge, GA.

April 18th, 2011 - AEGIS PrePaid Debit Cards wins contact to provide Payroll and Travel Expense Cards to Nordic Trading and AVCA Corp. Millions to be loaded and reloaded annually.