Prepaid Debit Card Program

   AEGIS prepaid debit cards provide smart solutions for many business, retail and wholesale situations, including :

payroll, employee cost center expenses, travel per diems, employee incentives, customer reward initiatives,

customer rebates or retention programs and more. Supported in real-time plus customized reporting,

24/7/365 call center cardholder support, AEGIS optimizes each program especially designed to help

minimize costs and streamline operations.


AEGIS Prepaid Debit Cards at a glance:

  • AEGIS/Flex rapid account set-up with real time reporting to fit your needs.

  • AEGIS direct deposit to any bank or direct funding.

  • Lost or stolen checks are a thing of the past. Eliminates check fraud, reduces costs.

  • Rapid card issuance and replacement usually overnight service to most destinations world wide.

  • Expeditious distribution of expense reimbursements, termination pay or valued employee recognition.

  • Contract or temporary employees benefit from use of our card systems.

  • People-to-people support is a toll free phone call away. Track expenses in real time.

  • Elimination of expensive paper payroll checks, employee-paid check cashing fees anywhere.

  • AEGIS prepaid debit card acceptance at more than two million ATM locations and millions of merchants worldwide.

  • The newest and safest way to carry money. No overdraft possibilities.

  • Real-time transaction history available via the web, call centers or your smart phone.

  • Credit building for those who need it. Teen cards, student cards, fund raising possibilities make the AEGIS plan attractive to the end user.
  • AEGIS prepaid debit cards allow opting into PIN-based and signature based transactions for added security.
  • New smart cards are being tested with added features ahead of all providers.

   Precise control over all business purchases made by your employees - for fuel, fleet, travel, entertainment and general business purchases. We work closely with our clients to meet or exceed their financial requirements in many different ways. AEGIS branded Prepaid Debit Cards are accepted worldwide and offer flexible methods of payment solutions.

Why carry cash on you when an AEGIS branded card can securely carry it for you. AEGIS branded prepaid card services the Public, Corporate and Government sector with confidence.

   AEGIS cardholder clients have access to their money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We deliver

convenience with our; Prepaid Personal Debit Card, Corporate Payroll Debit Card, Load & Reloadable Cards,

Gift Card, Student Prepaid Card and Corporate Cost Center Plus-Travel Card Services and new product

called Educational Scholarship Card.

   Coming soon, AEGIS retail kiosks will offer remote ATM locations and stored-value cards having vast

selections of gift cards to purchase in confidence.