Bank Consultancy

   Our primary goal is to help resolve bank, financial lending institution problems deemed by their regulators. Plus, those they will experience in the future. We assist our clients by addressing regulatory requirements, strengthening credit, discuss liquidity requirements, restructure portfolio programs, perform third party due diligence, provide business intelligence and conduct internal reviews. Essentially, AEGIS representatives are available to discuss your issues and consult proper resolutions expeditiously.


   AEGIS representatives and contract-reps are former; experienced real estate bankers, CPA’s, CFO’s, Intelligence Officers, Forensic Specialists, Private Investigators and Compliance Officers. Our services are engaged to provide; independent assessments of identified needs, certain risks, integrity of data, governance, compliance and internal audit commentary.  The recommendations provided are designed to better equip our clients toward industry standards, best practices/methodology, and regulatory expectations.


Business Intelligence and Operations Analytics

  AEGIS representatives are experienced and highly trained professionals. Our operatives strive to address your issues surrounding information deemed important to our clients. Dealing with sensitive matters surrounding issues such as; Mergers and Acquisitions, industry-professional referrals, require delicate information gathering. AEGIS professionals provide focused due diligence that is paramount to our clients. Clear, concise and well balanced flow of data allow AEGIS clients to make difficult business decisions.

   Time sensitive information is critical to the next business step. In most cases, AEGIS representatives  collaborate with boots on the ground in foreign countries or within the United States. AEGIS staff will research what you deem to be important. Additionally, AEGIS has strategic alliances with approved providers in areas of; forensic audit, forensic examination of data or software, private investigators and affiliations with well known organizations providing excellence in their respective field.

AEGIS Commercial Portfolio Lending

AEGIS Commercial Portfolio Lending is pleased to announce Sharon Reyes has been appointed
Executive Vice President of this division. The company established a offshore pool of funds to create
short term mezzanine secured commercial real estate mortgages. Loan terms are as follows:

 Minimum Loan Amount:   $1,000,000.00
 Maximum Loan Amount:
 Maximum Loan to Value:
  60% of value or purchase price. Acquisition or Refinance.
 Loan Payment Terms:
  Based upon interest only monthly repayment and balloon upon
Maturity. Up to 36 months initial loan and possible lender
option Roll-overs annually for a fee to be negotiated if loan is renewed.
 Desired Collateral:
  Multi-Family, Commercial and Mixed Use, Office Buildings
Anchor Shopping Centers, Income Producing Properties, Failed Bank FDIC Loans and Purchase Money Commercial Loans
 Borrowing Entities:
  US Foreign Nationals, Corporations, LLC’s and Trusts.
  TBD and normally disclosed upon issuance of Term Sheet.
  Interest Rate:
  up to 9.5% fixed rate.
 Broker Participation:
  Yes, only approved Brokers, Bankers and Borrowers direct may
Request terms and submit loans for consideration.


(Adobe Acrobat Reader Software Needed)
 Business Financial Statement
 Commercial Loan Application
 Confidentiality Agreement
 Patriot Act-Borrower
 Patriot Act-Entity
 Personal Financial Statement
 W8 Foreign Status
 W9 Form

AEGIS Associates

Aegis does not list names of Associates nor pictures due in part to security and privacy policies.

Chief Financial Officer

  Has more than 20 years as CFO for entities up to $1.5 billion in assets. He was Senior Accountant with Deloitte, CFO & SVP of Consumers Savings Bank, CEO & President of Horizon Bank, CFO of Great Florida Bank, CFO for Republic Federal Bank and approved by the FDIC to interact with RAC Teams. Core competencies and experience include; Accounting, Regulatory and SEC reporting, SOX 404 Implementation, Treasury Management, Strategic Planning and financial reporting.


Chief Program Manager, COO

  Overall career in core banking plus was a charter member of the prepaid debit card concept for banking. Responsible for; business development, new product development, compliance, software development, vertical development of company card programs. Administrates  development for; bottom up to deliver/card issuance programs and manages operations for the corporation.


Chief Executive Officer

  Career banker with more than 25 years in the financial, banking and mortgage banking industry. President of InterFirst Mortgage Corporation for more than 14 years and sold the company to an out of state bank group. Senior Vice President for; TotalBank, Colonial Bank and most recently Republic Federal Bank. Active in their; real estate lending, private banking services and business development. A member of BENS (Business Executives for National Security), Board of Director for Miami Chapter of FBI Citizens Alumni Association and InfraGard member. Subcontractor approval status with RAC FDIC. Business Development, relationship leader for all contract and business intelligence clients. Serves on the Board of Directors for; Camillus House, City of Miami Loan Committee, Florida Heart Research Association, FBI CitizensAlumni Association and Chairman of Board Neighborhood lending Services.(Consortium of Banks throughout Florida creating CRA loans to improve our communities)


Audit Committee Manager

  More than 40 years business experience serving  in such capacities as CEO, Chief Financial, Chief Planning and Corporate Development Officer and Board of Directors member, also serving on the Audit Committee's for these publicly traded corporations. He began his CPA career as an auditor and tax advisor of BDO Seidman and served the firms largest clients. He was CFO for Cenvill, one of the nation’s leading adult condominium Apartment Development. President of a Communications and Cable and then a Document Imaging and Storage Company. He consults as audit committee chairman for AEGIS and ensures compliance with all contractual relationships.


Chief of Compliance, In-House General Council

  Compliance Director and Liaison to all BIN Bank, Card-issuer domestically and internationally. Acts as in house general council for the company. He provides legal consulting and quality assurance services to our CFO, BIN Bank Compliance and Security Officials. Added responsibilities include; ensuring compliance of BSA, AML, CIP/KYC related to all AEGIS banking relationships. He acts as direct point of contact for our third party providers and is responsible for interaction with BIN Banks at time of bank examinations to ensure smooth relations. He is also responsible for keeping management informed on new and evolving laws/regulations impacting our industry.


Corporate Security & IT Security

  Retired Major and history serving government agencies. He brings a lifetime of experience ensuring the security of AEGIS IT systems. Provides assistance within the business intelligence consulting unit. Leads the new Cyber Security group and interacts with Federal Government Agencies as approved consultant impacting areas such as Cyber Intrusion 


Business Intelligence and Forensic Consulting

  Member Forensic Guild and corporate investigator that leads the business intelligence consulting unit.