Business Discount Cards
AEGIS Announces our newest program: Business Discount Cards.

Now, business owners can issue color logo plastic cards to customers that offer 5-10-15 and 20% off discount cards. Easy to use, costs pennies to issue. Create your own brand and reward your customers plus repeat business.

Litigation Support
AEGIS Litigation Support provides excellent resources to the Legal Profession. Areas of support are; Bankruptcy, Real Estate Foreclosure, Personal Guarantee, Asset Protection, Loan Modification, Exit Strategies, Lender Liability, Bad Faith and Improper Accounting.

AEGIS professionals also provide Law Firm Support with our Business Intelligence Department.

E-Commerce Business Evolution
AEGIS announces our newest service aimed at E-Commerce startups.
Our company will assist your internet business launch with acceptance of credit cards, issuance of gift cards, rewards cards and global marketing.
AEGIS was instrumental in assisting several E-Catalogs, E-Businesses with their launches in Latin America, USA and Europe. Virtually no startup costs and revenue sharing from credit card revenues makes our system the most cost effective E-Sales option.


AEGIS is pleased to announce the testing and introduction of their newest conveyance of money called MoneyLynk. This innovative online payment system sidesteps the need to use traditional credit cards or prepaid debit cards for; Corporations, Small Businesses, Individual Business Consultants or Bill Paying. AEGIS requires a Member Client Account. “We have found a way to leverage the Social Networks to send money with an email address, phone number or a Facebook Account assigned by AEGIS to you”. Merely type in the client or friends name and our peer-to-peer MoneyLynk does the rest. For quick answers, complete an online submission and a company representative will contact you. MoneyLynk is a trademark of AEGIS FinServ Corp.

AEGIS unveils it's ATM's & Prepaid Issuance Mobile Kiosks


introduces our newest technology. 

Commercial Portfolio


  AEGIS Commercial Portfolio Lending
  is pleased to announce Sharon Reyes
  has been appointed Executive Vice  
  President of this division. The company
  established an offshore pool of funds
  to create short term mezzanine secured
  commercial real estate mortgages...

  Lending Documentation Downloads



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